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Category Archives: Holidays and Special Occasions

ReflectionsFathers day road sign
A salon may not be the first place you think of to pick up a gift for Father’s Day, but let me offer a few ideas that we know men love; they just may be a little shy asking for.

Manicures and Pedicures for instance. Who doesn’t love an hour of relaxation, a foot and leg massage, and getting rid of callouses and dryness? Leave out the pretty pink polish at the end and you have a perfect gift for a busy Dad that can also improve the health of his feet and nails. If it makes you feel better, you can call it a Hand and Foot Tune-Up!

If a service isn’t quite what you want to go with, why not put together your own mix of wonderful products made specifically with our favorite guys in mind. Both Goldwell and Surface have a shampoo that doubles as a body wash, they have an amazing fragrance with hints of sandalwood and mint and offer a deep cleanse exfoliation while adding moisture to often neglected skin. In other words, your guy will smell great, feel great, and look great! Don’t forget about the finished style too. We love the results we get with products like Styling Mud and Dry Wax from Surface. Another favorite of many of our male clientele is the Shave Cream made by Surface. This luxurious cream has Vitamins A, C, and E antioxidants that tone and renew and is enriched with bamboo and coconut to condition and protect the skin while shaving. If the guys in your life ever complain about razor burn, dryness, or sensitive skin due to shaving, this Shave Cream will be a lifesaver!

I Love Dad chalk

Now I will dive into the touchy topic of aging and greying hair. It’s been said that a man with grey hair is more distinguished, but let’s face it, if you’re not Richard Gere or George Cloooney, it just doesn’t look the same! If you’ve heard your fellow moan and groan about his grey, we have the perfect solution. Reshade by Goldwell is a hair color service designed especially for men and their discretion. This color takes only 5 minutes to process after we select and apply the shade customized to your natural color. Because of the short amount of time it takes, we can easily add this service to any haircut appointment. The beauty of Reshade is that it doesn’t turn brassy or red, it doesn’t show as it grows out, and can be done with each haircut so nobody really needs to know if you are coloring or not. Reshade doesn’t give that “completely colored” look, but rather camouflages the grey so you look more like that picture taken of you 5 – 10 years earlier.

Most importantly this Father’s Day, we would like to help you let the special men in your life know how very much they are appreciated and loved. I know I for one can only give so many ties, barbecue sets, and fishing lures; but whatever you chose to give Dad this year, I hope you and he have a very Happy Father’s Day.